Logistics/Embarkation Specialist MOS, Basic Landing Support. Specialist MOS Amphibious Ship Load Planner’s (MDI7). Introduction to Amphibious Embarkation (MCI ). Correspondence Procedures (MCI K). Marine Corps Publications and Directives System (MCI B). , Is the Mobility Officer () or Embarkation Officer (non ) assigned Joint Pub Amphibious Embarkation and Debarkation?.

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This capability gives the Marine Corps the ability embarkagion operate in developed and underdeveloped areas of the world. Routing considerations due to bridge capacities. It should be conducted at least annually and is recommended before a CGRI.

Requests for support include lighting, wash down points, forklifts, cranes, and wreckers to support the movement plan. C-day is the unnamed day on which deployment for an operation commences or is to commence; it is established by a combatant commander or higher. The amounts used in Table for sealift and airlift are based on fiscal year rates and subject to change. Before troops embark, aamphibious joint inspection of all spaces must be conducted by ship and LF billeting representatives.

Embarkation Officer Marine Corps MOS U.S.M.C. Military Decal

Commander, Landing Force The commander, landing force CLF is the officer designated in the initiating directive as the commander of the Amphbiious for an amphibious operation. Requirements should be identified prior to or early in deployment planning. All soil impacted in the treads, around the rubber cleats, in the tread connectors, between and behind tread guides and roller supports, and all other spaces must be removed.

Top deck height restrictions embarkatoin based on overpass clearance requirements peculiar to the route between the departure and arrival railhead. Refer to local Embakation for submission requirements. Pallets will be squared off as much as possible to allow stacking or overstow. Cargo and Equipment Preparations Preparing supplies and equipment for air shipment is a unit responsibility and will normally be accomplished in the unit marshalling areas.

Ground Vehicles Cleaning motor vehicles usually consumes the greatest amount of time and causes the most delays. Garrison database and UDL file management and reconciliation procedures.

Reviewing subordinate command transportation requests for accuracy and completeness. When records are created and.


Unit Embarkation Handbook

Format The format for submitting external transportation support requests is determined at the local level. The CCO will verify that all requirements and any restrictions are considered in the load plan. Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49, Transportation, provides specific requirements and shows label examples. Correspondence Courses and Military Occupational Specialty- Specific Professional Military Education Correspondence courses and MOS-specific professional military education provide Marines with the knowledge base necessary for increased responsibility and professional advancement.

The second character of the CCC indicates whether cargo unit equipment, accompanying unit supply, and nonunit cargo is transportable by air or prepositioned.

Hazardous cargo familiarization and preparation. Vehicles proceed to a steam or washing station as determined by inspectors. Movement control procedures during deployment to move cargo from the unit origin base or camp to seaports of embarkation SPOEs and aerial ports of embarkation APOEs. Estimates of nonunit cargo and personnel movements to be conducted concurrently with force deployment.

Pallets will have four-way forklift access for loading and handling. Impact of terrain, climate, and the environment. The deploying unit commander establishes an airlift liaison element ALE at the airhead to. This box is for unitizing equipment, mobile loading, containerization, and L pallet building. Contact the local DMO for current charges. When returning from an exercise or operation, embarkation planners must ensure that time is allocated for inspections before redeployment.

It provides interoperability not only across DOD but also with commercial business partners, ensuring a seamless flow of information and goods. To assist in preparing further agriculture inspections, planners work with embarkation personnel to isolate material that was not exposed to contamination and verify it as such.

Washing and cleaning at night saves very little time since most of these vehicles must be rewashed and reinspected. Any requirements beyond the unit s organic capability should be identified as early as possible to HHQ so external support can be coordinated expeditiously.

Fresh Water Availability Large quantities of fresh water are consumed quickly during washdown operations. Possessing knowledge in the use of unit movement AIS and load planning systems. Basic information, detailed data, and knowledge of planning and preparations procedures are required to register accurately a unit s airlift requirements through airlift requests to HHQs for contingency or scheduled exercise planning.


Information about the sizes and quantities of lumber for the required dunnage should always be available so that units can procure additional shoring or dunnage, such as through open purchase requisition, in a timely manner should the need occur. Place banding straps through the slots on the pallet stringer so they do not interfere with forklift tines.

Marine Corps MOS | MOSDb

The area should also provide room for MHE operations. Amphibioys appropriate shipping labels or RFID tags must be applied per the references governing the mode of movement.

This reference prohibits the redeployment of vehicles and cargo embarkahion a foreign country unless they are free of animal, pest, and soil contamination. The insert measures 45 x 17 x 10 inches and is designed to carry embatkation. Vehicle Staging Vehicles should be parked so any vehicle can be moved without moving anything else while maintaining unhindered access to the exit point. Unless otherwise stated, whenever the masculine gender is used, both men and women are included.

Assisting the TEO in the preparation of detailed loading plans for the ship. Determine the scope and extent of agriculture washdown requirements based on the amount of equipment and supplies that require washing and inspecting. Establish necessary administrative requirements, which are reviewed by CBP officials who conduct any final inspections that may be required at the point of entry.

Cargo and loading analysis table.

The CCC helps determine the quantity and type of conveyance required and any special handling equipment needed for deployment support. Identify billeting and services available on assigned Military Sealift Command shipping.

Maintaining a copy of the landing plan and loading plan embarkayion all ships assigned to the LF. Embarkation planners wmbarkation complete the following: The unit embarkation officer must establish and maintain an inspection schedule as part of the unit embarkation program to maintain embarkation readiness per the guidelines established by local SOP.