Uploaded by Syed Murtza. Asr-e-Zahoor Written by Allama Ali Korani and translated in urdu by Allama Iftakhar Naqvi This book is regarding occultation of Imam. Huzoor e Akram sAaww ka irshad e pak hy kh Hamara Silsila e nasab 22 sy aagay mt bian mn kia raz hy mujhy nahin pata mgr hukm ki. Asr e Zahoor book is about the life of Imam Mehdi book is wriiten by Allama Ali Alkorani and translated in urdu by Allama syed Iftikhar Hussain Naqvi.

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Sign up for a new account in our community. Al-Mutamid, the Abbasid caliph, ordered to investigate the house of Imam and also to inspect if Imam’s wives were pregnant. The Idea of Mahdi in Twelver Shi’ism. By zanoor third and fourth decades of the 10th century i. Retrieved 9 April Ghaybat al-Kubra or Major Occultation began CE and is believed to continue until a time decided by Allah, when the Mahdi will reappear to bring absolute justice to the world. Yusuf al-Gandji al-Kurashi wrote K.

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Asr e-zahoor by allama ali korani – [PDF Document]

According to Jassim M. The hadith appears in both Bukhari as amirs Bab al-istakhlaf, and Muslim as “caliphs”, Bab al-nas taba l-Quraysh, Some scholars, including Bernard Lewis [40] also point out, that the idea of an Imam in occultation was not new in CE but that it was a recurring factor in Shia history.

Posted June 12, In his History of Islamic Philosophy He writes: He argued that it was impossible to have dialogue with an entity with an “extremist ideology” that believes its policies are divinely-guided to prepare conditions for awr return of the Imam Mahdi, fearing a spread of Twelver Shi’ite or Iranian influence to the land of Islam’s holiest shrine.


History of Islamic Philosophy. It is considered that his life and occultation would be prolonged, and then that with his appearance, he would fill the earth with justice and righteousness, and ars Islam to rule it.

It seems likely that after the death of the eleventh Imam, for the duration of a natural lifespan i. Henceforth, no one will see me, unless and until Allah makes me appear.

It also acted as a moderating force among them by postponing political activities until the future coming of the Awaited Mahdi. The situation changed when “political disturbances caused by the Zanj and provincial leaders in Iran, Egypt and Syria.

As far as I know, there is no English translation of this important book. Archived from the original on 23 March Zaahoor from the original on 22 October The messianic belief in Mahdi helped Shias to tolerate unbearable situations to the level that without it the Shia religion might not have been able to survive persecutions in the course of history.

Annemarie Schimmels book “Pain and Grace: Introduction to Islamic theology and law. The sense of responsibility for paving the way for the reappearance of Mahdi has also led Shi’as to re-evaluate their social circumstances and the shortcomings of their lives and strive to build their own provisional Islamic government in anticipation of Mahdi’s promised rule. S wa Zehra S. Al-Mahdi’s mother was reportedly called Narjis.

Muhammad al-Mahdi – Wikipedia

It appears that none of the Shi’i notables knew of the existence of the son of the eleventh Imam. Twelver Shias say his birth was concealed. In that letter that was transmitted by al-Samarri he declared the beginning of Major Occultation during which Mahdi is not in contact with his followers.

This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat Posted February 13, Go To Topic Listing. Retrieved 24 July Yaan Richard suggests occultation was zahoof “convenient solution” for the last Imams’ justification of their quietism. The Shia asrr vision of history continues to be expressed, even today, through radical social protest against political oppression.


In other projects Wikiquote.

Retrieved 3 September As Al-Askari died in AH CE in Zahoot, he did not leave any apparent son, because the situation was difficult and Mu’tamid was searching for the successor of the Imam; the Imam did not reveal his son and Shias were confused about the successor of the Imam.

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Disappeared, believed by Twelver Islam to be due to The Occultation. During the caliphate of al-Mu’tamid to that of al-Muqtadir, the agents of the dead Imam believed zahoro Hasan al-Askari had left a son who will appear at Allah’s will.

In order to promote a dispute within Imam’s family, they “supported Ja’far a brother of al-Askari and claimant to the office of the Imamat”. Namaz e eid e Mobahela. Others argue that even if he had a son, Muhammad sahoor al-Hassan could not live for over a thousand years.

In Encyclopaedia of Islam. Asr-e-Zahoor by Ali Al-Korani.

Asr e-zahoor by allama ali korani

One is that Narjis was a Byzantine slave. Followers of Sunni Islam and other minority Shias mostly believe that the Mahdi has not yet been born, and therefore his exact identity is only known to Allahother than the idea that he is to be from the descendants of Muhammad. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. The occultation of 12th Imam left a considerable gap in leadership of Shias.