In Manual mode, you control everything. Press the Start/Stop button to start and stop recording, and advance recording to the next track with the Next button. AudioMulch is available to purchase by download only: as it’s a svelte 20MB package including machine‑readable manual, it makes little sense to manufacture. When you switch to manual position updating (‘choice 2’), you are able to scrub Synthesis Toolkit (STK stk/), Audiomulch.

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Click here to view the AudioMulch help file in tablet-friendly, printable pdf format. Enable Enable mode Each track has a pop-up menu manyal set its Enable mode.

Using the LoopPlayer to Create Mashups: This parameter cannot be changed during recording.


Auduomulch checked, passes the LiveLooper’s input through to the output channel corresponding to the Track being recorded. Explore uses of the SouthPole filter contraption: When unchecked, the corresponding output channel will be muted during recording. FAQs Provides answers to frequently asked questions. Allows you to clear all tracks.

Welcome to AudioMulch | Help File | AudioMulch

Every contraption has its own graphical interface with a range of controls that you can adjust to change the sound. Here you can find out more audiomuclh AudioMulch, get further advice on how to use it, and connect with online communities to discuss the program. Enter the number of bars or a decimal fraction of a bar into the number edit box.

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Navigate your way through it by clicking the Previous and Next buttons at the top of each page, clicking on embedded links, audiomylch by using the contents tree on the left. Change multiple contraption parameters at once, and move smoothly between snapshots of parameter settings, audiomullch by moving the mouse. Relevant posts are linked below.

Each recorded track displays a circular location indicator, which indicates the current playback position of each track even if the track is stopped.

Advances the recording process to the next track. Sync to Tracks are recorded in sync with each other so that their loop lengths match. AudioMulch is a registered trademark. Twitter and Facebook updates Follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest release news: Learn how to create contraptions and patches, how to hear audio, and get a brief introduction to some of the other key features of the program.

There are several quick and easy ways to open the Help File while using AudioMulch. Clicking on it will make the track the next one to be recorded the Status indicator will reflect this. The track is armed for recording. Learn more Click here to view the AudioMulch help file in tablet-friendly, printable pdf format.

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Manual, Auto-chain fixed and Auto-chain variable. To open the Example Files directory, go to the File menu, select Open, and double-click on the Examples folder.

Welcome to AudioMulch

The boundaries at which recording starts and stops are called synchronization cycle boundaries. When the track is playing, the Stop button is displayed. Tutorials Includes video tutorials for beginners and links to offsite tutorials. It is possible to make the synchronization boundaries occur at multiples or subdivisions aufiomulch Track 1 by selecting Multiples of Track 1 or Subdivisions of Track 1 from the drop-down list to the right of Sync to. The track is empty, no sound has been recorded into it.

The track has a loop recorded into it, but it is currently not playing, it is stopped. Select the multiple or subdivision you want using the number edit box.

If the nanual ratios are complicated, the value will be displayed as an approximate decimal value. The Clock Bars setting, also in the drop down list to the right of Sync to, lets you synchronize tracks to the global clock.

Click here to view the AudioMulch help file in tablet-friendly, printable pdf format.