ADVANCED PROCEDURE AND AXIOMS. The pivotal breakthrough in this book, pointing to all that would follow, was encompassed in one word. L Ron Hubbard wrote the following in The Axioms Axiom One: Life is basically a static. (Definition: A life static has no mass, no motion, no. Jon Atack is the author of A Piece of Blue Sky, one of the very best books on L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology. He has a new edition of the book.

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Axiosm is that LRH gave people a way to take apart the bank, to scientolog, as-is the charge accumulated over the trillenia, that sets Scientology apart. One considers that energy exists and that he can perceive energy.

That is the only track that you have to go all the way on. Apparently he has more than earned that nickname. Clueless is what they are, totally clueless.

Big wrong boo-boo there! By the s, it was well-established in physics that things like light — an apparent wave — also exhibit particle behavior, and that things that seem to be clearly particles also exhibit wave-like behavior. For Now is key, as to see nothing of yesterday, and nothing tomorrow! Hi Ronnie — I so agree with you. There are enough hints that blood sacrifices are practiced by certain circles until this day. They would not settle for mediocrity, particularly in themselves.

I also use this very vital data when I fire up my Husqvarna to chian saw a tree down. Reality is the agree d-u pon apparency of existence. Not even in the same universe. You know, any ship placed on the water must be steered. Conversely, one who understands the woof and warp of how and why Scientology processes and tech work, can think with it. Meanwhile sicentology Radical Scn and its followers, close their eyes and their ears, they denounce and pounce on anyone who dares look or read something on the internet, or in a book on psychology or by a philosopher, or on a religion.


Here are some of the most recognized human rights…. The highest purpose in the universe is the creation of an effect. Anything which persists must avoid A s-i sness.

When this condition is violated perfect duplicate the apparency of any universe or any part thereof is nulled. It is capable of consideration.


A perfect duplicate is an additional creation of the object, its energy and space, in its own space, in its own time, using its own energy. These aioms but bastardized and intentional perversions of axiomms good which emanates from a faithful application of scientology to life.

PZ Myers reads L. When LRH says at the beginning of several books that all of the philisophical data has been around for thousands or tens of thousands of years, and you come up with a statement like that, you deserve snide comments.

Thanks for this article! Here we have, in the case of an individual, a gradual fallin g-a way from the belief that one can assume a complete Affinity down to the conviction that all is a complete Mystery. Those conversations with people like Einstein, Bohr, Planck, etc.

Never ending cycle as we see, freedom is an object, a choice, for you and me!!!!!! Jewel May 9, at 2: Thoughtful May 8, at 9: He was talking I think about how present time was the same time in the whole universe. I guess it is a magnetism thing, or a Karma thing that is connected to magnetism.

The same old LDW May 7, at 1: Life is a game wherein Theta as the Static solves the problems of Theta as Mest. I am someone who wants to see things for how they are. Reminds me of the communist approach in Cuba or Cambodia…give the young ones positions of power and a gun because they are easily controlled and manipulated. I dropped the question to my satisfaction and went on with my life.


Kamma or Karma is the action element which leads to rebirth which is not re-incarnation in the Theravada tradition.

Much appreciated by a retired applied physics and engineering instructor. Indeed Buddha was silent on the subject, for good reason. The author makes the case for the participation of the mind in the creation of matter, and claims that when you look at matter through the most aaxioms electron microscopes, you find smaller and smaller particles, until you eventually find — nothing!

Bryon May 7, at The Scientology version is to use ethics actions scientoloyy disconnection to silence the detractors. Ron Hubbard was a self-reliant thinker.

Life After Death And The Scientology Axioms | Moving On Up a Little Higher

Can you High-Five that little girl? The anatomy of Reality is contained in Isness, which is composed of A s-i sness and Alte r-i sness. This is something psychiatrist and psychologist know and teachers zxioms also verify as often being true, no matter how much the family loves each other, there can be this case sitting scientolkgy as an auditor knows. Never read the books nor any courses but had several intensives of one process with 3 commands over and over until I had wins that were more than wonderful, producing OT abilities please, no hidden standard now.

Knowledge — They had a thirst for knowledge. They are on a scientoloyg trip down. I never had an interest in Physics per se but as a result of observing and subjective experience in sessions and reading L Ron Hubbard, had many realizations as I observed the relationship of wxioms me to the physical world.

Dolphn Play May 7, at 3: When there is freedom there will be no State. The contest player did it a second time perfectly!