About the author. Matthew Silverstone is a serial entrepreneur. He has a degree in economics and a masters degree in international business. He was as one of. 20 May Blinded By Science – Do you think that scientists cannot explain everything about our world and the way it works. Buy Blinded by Science by Matthew Silverstone from Waterstones today! Click and Collect from your local Waterstones or get FREE UK delivery on orders over .

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The boy was going down steadily with hardly any energy to do anything even in early mornings. He argues that there must be a relationship to these electrical charges to assist the movement of blood around the body and maintain the body’s blood pressure. Of course most of us think that it is just a hippy thing. These experiments were repeated over several months to prove that the water retained the electrical vibration for lengthy periods.

Gill Graham The book is a wonderful new addition as it carefully tries to bring new concepts and emphasises their importance after a careful study of many wonderful works. But once I understood this very simple principle everything else fell into place.

Just as I had started to write this book, I finally heard of a trial study taking place that was incorporating vibrational medicine.

Blinded By Science Matthew Silverstone

Only later did the trout reappear. Electrical treatment was not, however, put to modern use until the s, and today it is still not completely accepted and used as a primary treatment. So I started looking elsewhere in the library, searching with strange queries to see what would turn up, to see if maybe there were in fact studies on trees and their behaviour that could be relevant to my enquiries.

I only started to think about water when I was researching the chapter on plants and I discovered that biodynamic farmers, while attempting to create excellent manure, did very strange things to water. We are at the moment in a scientific cul-de-sac. In the case of the sugar drink, there is a very simple solution, one that has nothing to do with a biochemical mechanism but has to do with the very remarkable properties of water, and the answer lies in vibrations.


This is not an idea that sits comfortably with me, having had so many plumbing problems and new boilers over the years.

I feel sure that most people who are reading this would not dream of using a herbalist. Blinded By Science Matthew Silverstone.

It forms whirlpools, eddies, spiral-forming current, where the water rotates on its own axis and condenses.

At this stage, though, we could still not be in the same room as him mahthew it drained his energy levels too much.

Jupiter’s Travels Ted Simon. However, all of this gradually stopped when his teenage son got ill. Schauberger’s description of his traditional farming techniques is very similar to Steiner’s biodynamic farming method. It is a major piece of the jigsaw. Lady Silverstoen in this case was the fact that I live very near to the biggest library in the world, the British Library.

What Schauberger observed in nature was that the density of the water was the most important factor, and this density changed when the temperature rose or fell. Imagine, though, that water had a set of remarkable properties that have yet to be explained, ones that help to provide answers to most of the unknown questions about how our bodies work.

But I have moved on too quickly, without telling you what happened to my son that fateful day.

Blinded By Science Matthew Silverstone

And it’s the same for the food: New farming methods 2. But where else can it be found? Introduction Chapter to Blinded by Science The real beginning for me, the initial seed of an idea for this book, bizarrely came from a tree. The day that someone, for whom I had great respect, casually told me to go and touch a tree as it would improve my health. Follow us on Twitter. As a parent, you try blijded of the accepted medical routes, which in the case of chronic fatigue are very limited, most avenues taking you to psychiatrists.

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The silvegstone beginning for me, the initial seed of an idea for this book, bizarrely came from a tree.

Blinded By Science

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. All over the world there is a big problem these days, bees are disappearing.

What is the most noticeable point is his use of the cycloid spiral motion or, to put it another way, the spinning or vortex pattern, like the water going down the plug hole or the spinning used in biodynamic farming. This fundamental principle should be the basis of all science as it is the one principle that unifies everything, if you can understand vibrations then everything silverstonw becomes clear.

Blinded by Science is the work of first time author Matthew Silverstone and offers a theory which when applied scisnce factors like water, plants, the Sun and the Moon all seems to make perfect sense. At first, Professor Popel refused to work with Schauberger as his claims svience against the known laws of mechanics, but the Minister insisted he carried out the experiments, allegedly because he wanted to finally discredit all of Schauberger’s ideas.

On their island is a natural pool of fresh water, and next to it are wild vegetables and fruit.

I have no intention of just telling you my story and hoping you will silverxtone persuaded by it. I mean, if a tree can affect us, what does that mean?