date BS EN is withdrawn and BS EN and BS EN In addition IEC and IEC have been amended, clarified and. For each type of electrical AssEMBLY only two parts of the standard are necessary to determine all requirements: the basic standard IEC “ General rules. What changes does BS EN bring? • New testing procedure including design and routine verification. • Alternative testing routes. • Clear requirements for.

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Use of this product in environment B may cause unwanted electromagnetic disturbances in which 61439–1 the user may be required to take adequate mitigation measures. Xenon-arc sources 6 Undated reference. In the case of electronic assemblies, this may necessitate the separation or screening of all electronic signal processing circuits. Blackburn Starling eb conducted tests at an independent laboratory to verify our compliance with this clause under Severity A — which is applicable to metallic indoor enclosures.

NOTE For equipment to be used at higher altitudes, it is necessary to take into account the reduction of the dielectric strength, the switching capability of the devices and of the cooling effect of the air. Deformation of parts of the enclosure or of the internal partitions, barriers and obstacles due to a short-circuit shall not reduce permanently the clearances or creepage distances below those specified in 8.

NOTE 2 The rated insulation voltage is not necessarily equal to the rated operational voltage of equipment which is primarily related to functional performance.

The test voltage shall be equal to 1,05 times the single-phase value of the rated operational voltage.

A list of organizations represented on this subcommittee can be obtained on request to its secretary. However, ratings established for copper busbars shall not be used to establish ratings of aluminium busbars. Verification shall comprise the following categories: In case of doubt associated with paints and varnishes, reference shall be made to ISO to verify that the samples conform to the specimen Ri1; — the mechanical integrity is not impaired; — seals are not damaged, — doors, hinges, locks, and fastenings work without abnormal effort.


The following dates were fixed: Any damaged units are disposed of and replacements purchased. NOTE 1 For inorganic insulating materials, e.

Certain exposed conductive parts of an ASSEMBLY that do not constitute a danger — either because they cannot be touched on large surfaces or grasped with the hand, — or because they are of small size approximately 50 mm by 50 mm or so located as to exclude any contact with live parts, need not be connected to a protective conductor. Generation, transmission and distribution of electricity — Operation IEC Date Text affectedLicensed Copy: If this data is not available ej ball pressure test in Additionally after the tests of Protection against direct contact with hazardous live internal 8.

However, other pollution degrees may be considered to apply, depending upon particular applications or the micro-environment. Characteristic to be verified Verification Verification by Verification by subclauses by testing calculation design rules 1 Strength of material and parts: Tests — Test Ka: A list of organizations represented on this bw can be obtained onrequest to its secretary. Continuous conductivity occurs due to conductive dust, rain or other wet conditions.

Distribution busbars shall be connected to the main busbar.

Introduction to 61439-1

Creepage path follows the contour of the rib. Where necessary, the above-mentioned documents shall indicate the recommended extent and frequency of maintenance.

NOTE 1 A copper wire of 0,8 mm diameter will melt at 1 A, in approximately half a cycle, at a frequency between 45 Hz and 67 Hz or 0,01 fn for d.

In place of the impulse withstand voltage test the original manufacturer may perform, at his discretion, an equivalent a. In principle, with the exception of the cases mentioned below, protective conductors within an ASSEMBLY shall not include a disconnecting device switch, disconnector, etc.

At higher currents additional eddy current losses may be significant which are not included in the values of the table. NOTE Unintentional contact 61349-1 not considered dangerous if the voltages resulting from static charges fall below a d.

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Protection for safety – Protection against voltage disturbances and electromagnetic disturbances IEC Electrical installations of buildings – – – Gs When selecting current-limiting protective devices for built-in switching devices, account shall be taken of the maximum permissible values specified by the device manufacturer, having due regard to co-ordination see 9.

When removable parts are equipped with a metal supporting surface, these surfaces shall be considered sufficient for ensuring earth continuity of protective circuits provided that the 6439-1 exerted on them is sufficiently high.

Scope of the standard

The original manufacturer may provide data on the suitability of materials from the insulating material supplier to demonstrate compliance with these requirements. Protection for safety —Protection against electric shock IEC The apparatus to be used shall be as described in Clause 5 of IEC They shall be mounted in the enclosure as in normal use with all covers and all partitions that separate the busbar from other compartments, in place.

For windings, the method of measuring the temperature by resistance variation shall generally be used. Users are responsible for its correct application.

Introduction to | Blackburn Starling

Verification shall be made using a resistance measuring instrument which is capable of driving a current of at least 10 A a.

Selection and erection of electrical equipment — Earthing arrangements, protective conductors and e bonding conductors IEC Tests are required at 1. The power losses of the fuse-links used for the test shall be stated in the test report. They shall be rated at least in accordance with the information concerning the short-circuit withstand strength see 9. These requirements also apply for the insertion and connection of additional outgoing cables when the existing cables are under voltage.

Form of separation 8. The following dates were fixed: However, in order to achieve agreement between manufacturers and users, it is recommended to adopt one of the listed types of construction.