Christopher Cattan Geomancy Introduction to Astrological Geomancy The 16 Geomantic Figures Asking the Question & Generating the Mothers The Geomantic. The Geomancie of Maister Christopher Cattan Gentleman – Free download AMORC Cosmic Geomancy as Used by the Veiled Prophets PDF. Christopher Cattan, The Geomancy of Master Cattan Marsillio Ficino, Three Books on Life Robert Fludd, De Geomantia Islamic folk magic & commerce.

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The Geomantic Study-Group on Facebook is thriving with over a thousand members, including a good number from Arabic-speaking countries who are, God bless them, actually willing to share and discuss Arabic methods of geomancy. Full text page views at Google open.

Puella and Rubeus have for their signe Scorpiothe House of Mars: But even using any of the techniques with any set of correspondences, I kept coming up with wrong answers.

Does it really matter that much to keep reversal pairs intact? The Roman script, with its awkward 26 modern letters or 23 pre-modern letters with J reduced chhristopher I and V and W reduced into U has no such claim to occult fame, with no system of English or Roman gematria having worked well for me or for others.

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Which thing afterward came even so to pass, so that I riding post with cqttan Lord of Thays, going to Rome, was advertised thereof and found my figure true, and that the Gentleman had married the said Lady: And, yes, I have the same exact problem for determining numbers with geomancy as I do letters, and there are, again, several ways to determine numbers and several sets of associations between numbers and geomantic figures as offered by Cattan and Heydon.

It might show something of good use in divination, if a pattern can be detected. Viaand Populus that is, the Way, and People are chriwtopher to the Moone; the first from her beginning and encreasing, the second from her full light and quarter decreasing; Acquisitioand Laetitia which is Gaine, Profit; Joy and Gladness are of Jupiter: In other words, we start from the Ascendant, add the ecliptic longitude the position in the Zodiac of the Moon, then subtract the ecliptic longitude of Saturn.

Alternate version available on Google Books. I normally use the planetary order of the figures in my posts and tables lunar figures, Mercurial figures, Feomancy figures, …, nodal figuresbut it struck me that several Western authors all had it that Laetitia was given to A, Tristitia to B, Rubeus to C, and so on.

There are at least as many ways of assigning the elements to the figures in this way as there are for linking the figures with the Zodiacal signs.


And because Aquisitio is in the house of the demand [first house? You can bet your last coin I gave a response to this, especially to that last part of the question. Albus and Coniunctio, both ruled by Mercury. Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim.

To start with, calling it that is my own innovation.

Draw out a simple square house chart, and populate it with the first twelve figures of the Shield Chart. From an old post on the Geomantic Campus forum on Yahoo! Now, skip ahead a few years. But the first hath Jupiter the greater Fortune, the second the lesse, but without detriment: The axial figures have a converse that is their inverse, and so we have company inverse.

Christopher Cattan – Wikipedia

Hash out, refine, and formally ask the query. The title Seigneur is equivalent to “Lord”, and the introduction of “de” into the name, and the term “Gentilhomme” indicate an aristocratic or gentry status. Lastly he says to Maistre Nicothe has dedicated it to him because that is what the author would have done if he were alive, “vous cognoissant” if he had known him; or, knowing him as he didsince Nicot has sought out many learned and distinguished people on this subject in Italy and Spain.

Internally, the action and thoughts are the same, but externally, they are distinct. Company simple is formed when both houses have the same figure.

The reason why this works is much like some of the logic in why the Parts of Fortune and Spirit have to add chfistopher to 12 or Or what if they change their name legally? In financial divinations it usually refers to a source of ready cash. What can be done about non-alphabetic or non-abjadic scripts? Take the total number of single points and subtract 12; if the result is more than 12, subtract 12 again, and repeat until you have a number less than Let us review the rules of company, as I understand them, in a condensed way: Additionally, the process of using cosignificators greatly increased the complexity of a christppher, especially if both the significator of the querent and of the quesited had their own figures in company and passed around in the chart on their own.

Its popularity is also attested by the number geomsncy contemporary manuscript copies held in the British Library7 which owe their origins to this work. Full text original page views at Internet Archive.

A shared active line indicates chfistopher overwhelming desire or power in the method indicated by the elemental line.


Christopher Cattan

Conjunctio and Albus are both Figures of Mercuryand are both good; but the first the more Fortunate: Reading the figures as elements, they could be read as Fire-Earth-Air-Water my modern system or just using the points of those elemental lines or as Air-Earth-Fire-Water the older system that swaps Rubeus for Fire and Laetitia for Airbut this would be odd considering their pure elemental representations. Thomas of Aquine [Aquinas] himself, a Doctor of the church of no small estimation, saith in his Quolibet, that it [geomancy] may bee admitted, because it doth participate with Astrologie, and is called her daughter’.

This raises the question, which came first, the order of the figures, or the ordering heomancy the letters to which the figures were then mapped? Instead of tallying up all the individual points of the 16 figures in the Shield Chart, I take ccattan shortcut method: Johann Andreas Schmidt, Geomantia.

Thus, by performing the calculations of the Part of Fortune and Index, we can get only one of six numerical results: Retrieved from ” https: In this case, now that we have Coniunctio as a cosignificator of the querent, we see that the chart does, indeed, perfect by mutation in houses IX and X, with Puella and Coniunctio beside each other. And this Arte may be made upon the Earth, or in white Paper, or uppon any other thing, whereon it may commodiouslie bee done, so that the prickes and lines may be knowne.

This rule has bugged me in the past, where we say that two figures are in company if they share the same Fire line so Albus and Populus would be in company, but not Albus and Puer. Get My Free Ebook. First, Cattan book III, chapter 7: The Greek and Hebrew scripts, on the other hand, have isopsephy and gematriarespectively, which enable a word to be treated as a number, and as Pythagoras geomanccy taught, numbers rule the universe and effectively are the universe. For our purposes here, there are three christohper of mathematical transformations of the figures: The forum member was in a state of confusion about how the elements were assigned to the figures, what the difference was between inner and outer elemental rulerships, and whether these rulerships had any system at all behind them or whether they were just spurious and irrelevant.

Page references to edition.