Feb 24, For use of this form, see DA PAM ; the proponent agency is DCSLOG. EDITION . UHASAM FORM LOGBOOK. Full text of “Army Form A_17” – Internet Archive: 4. 5. ITEM NO. NOMENCLATURE CHECK NUMBER 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. DA FORM , NOV EDITION. Get the U.S. Army Form DA AIRCRAFT INVENTORY RECORD. Description. U.S. Army Form DA Author: U.S. Army. The first page by.

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Only authorized Army-approved publications are used for aircraft maintenance.

Army Publishing Directorate

These inspections include initial, percent, in-progress, and final inspections. A limited urgent TB allows the aircraft to be operated only under specific conditions or limitations. If you do need Hotline assistance, call DSNor toll free Major red-X deficiencies will be corrected before the aircraft or component leaves the shop.

TIs enter a one-time inspection of an aircraft airframe and related systems and subsystems on this form.

Examples of these TMs are as follows:. They will enter any inspection that is due on DA Form foem Publication personnel are appointed in the unit. Since Army publications are continually being updated, QC personnel ensure that units have adequate quantities of current publications.

Some nondestructive inspection methods include liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, electromagnetic, ultrasonic, and penetrating radiation methods. Weight and balance forms for each aircraft will be safeguarded and maintained. When safety-of-flight information applies to more than one type of aircraft, an individual supplement is issued for each type of aircraft involved.

To fa out more, including how to control cookies, see here: An inspection stamp will be used to indicate a satisfactory condition.


QC personnel must notify maintenance officers and NCOs when hours remain until replacement of hourly components and when 2 months remain until replacement of calendar components. When performing the facility and equipment inspection, TIs check the shop and shop equipment for proper layout, clear fire lanes, fire extinguisher 240-17, and installation and use of equipment safety devices.

TIs check the charts or printouts during publication review to ensure the following:. It explains setting up, maintaining, and posting changes to technical libraries.

FM Chptr 8 Quality Control and Publications

These supplements contain important operational, precautionary, and restrictive instructions that cause flight limitations. For example, represents fixed-wing aircraft, and represents rotary-wing aircraft.

An added number preceded by a slash differentiates between TBs on the same item.

Minor changes to the guide appear in the USASC publication, Flightfax, which is distributed monthly to all aviation units. TIs conduct informal inspections of the various shops periodically and bring any deficiencies or safety hazards found to the attention of shop supervisors. The stamp will be obtained through local purchase.

However, publications to support these interservice items are not always obtained with the equipment.

The process that Unit B has to go through to correct errors in historical records and paperwork means a vorm of work. A TB may require a recurring inspection at specified intervals. It ensures that the final product is reliable, areas are inspected before they are covered with access panels or components, and mistakes are discovered and corrected on the spot.

In general, the TI monitors maintenance procedures to ensure the following:. DA Form series Requirements for Distribution of Publications and Blank Forms will be used to order the quantity of publications needed. Refer to ARTMthe aircraft operator’s manual, and foorm aircraft maintenance manual for sa.


Repairing windows is a good way to get in the habit of saving money, especially with tighter budgets.

Get the da form 2408 17pdffillercom

Refer to TM for information on the preventive maintenance inspection system, acceptance inspection, transfer inspection, and in-storage inspection.

Normally, grounding takes place within a certain flying hour or calendar period. After reviewing each change, personnel initial the chart or printout again. The assigned technician maintains the aircraft’s weight and balance records.

FMs outline military doctrine, tactics, and techniques. If all supersessions and rescissions are posted correctly, files are accurate ofrm agree with the index.

Bragg, NC Editor note: If no repair work or maintenance is involved and only an inspection required, the TI performs the inspection and signs off with no recheck. Tossing out acrylic aircraft windows because of scratches, blemishes or minor damage is costly.

The FAA publishes books on aviation and aircraft xa. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. You will determine if other aviation units need the publications; if not, contact the post adjutant general publications officer for disposal instructions.

If computerized printouts are used, make sure they contain all required information Figure and maintain a separate disk copy in the QC office. TIs ensure the following:. Interim supplements are publication changes issued by TWX when loss of life or serious personal injury is involved.