Tag Archives: elio guarisco. Urgent Alternative Webcast Links 2nd Announcement. Due to some problems here are the links to connect alternatively to the. All participants of the retreats that just took place at Kunsangar South would like to express their heartfelt gratitude to Elio Guarisco and Fabio. Invited by the late Kalu Rinpoche, Elio spend almost twenty years in India working on the large Encyclopedia on Indo Tibetan Knowledge known as shes bya.

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Elio Guarisco | Shang Shung Publications

But if we can find presence in the experience of the senses, we shift from the mental level experience of reality, to a more concrete and direct relation to our world. Hearing, seeing and the other senses are a way in eilo our mind escape into the complexity of untruthful representations of reality and story making drive.

Welcome to Merigar December 9, 30 Jul 8, Register for an account. Led by Elio Guarisco and Stoffelina Verdonk. To sign up please fill out this form.

MeriRooms — Merigar Rooms to rent Nov 30, Italiano Yantra Yoga Corso modulare in 3 week end. Welcome to Merigar December 9, In this way the mind becomes calm and relaxed, able to give full attention to the actions that are performed, thus becoming more efficient and making life easier. Cinerary Sep 28, MeriRooms — Merigar Elko to rent Nov 30, We learn to notice these disturbances in a simple way without trying to block them and without being drawn into them.


SHAMATHA led by Elio Guarisco | Merigar West

Our life can easily turn into a stressful race or dull repetition of ourselves, in which eluo loose our true self and the safety, satisfaction and connection that give meaning to or life.

Welcome to Merigar December 9, During the exercise we may be confronted with external and internal disturbances, for example external things perceived as discursive sounds and thoughts that hinder staying in the calm state. Register for an account.

To sign up please fill out this form Schedule Beginning: Italiano Yantra Yoga Corso modulare in 3 week end. The exercise consists in focusing the mind through methods such as fixation on an external object, attention on an internal object, or the sensation of breathing, with the aim of remaining in the calm state without any object of reference.

Awakening presence through the breathing How e,io Find Presence in Sound. Italiano Racconti in biblioteca.

Often in our busy and interactive life absent mindedness takes over, and we become restlessness. Remaining unperturbed and free from ups and downs, in the midst of the turbulence of life.


Finding presence of mind and calm are psychological resources essential for our wellbeing. Thus rediscovering the innate presence inherent in our being and relate to the inner and outer world with a sense guwrisco wholeness and integration.

Elio Guarisco

To sign up, please fill this form. An expert instructor, Elio Guarisco, will guide us with essential instructions on a path of practice, which will allow everyone to have a personal experience for a harmonious way of life. Italiano Racconti in biblioteca.

Cinerary Sep 28, To sign up, please fill in this form. In these weekend combining methods from the ancient Buddhist Tradition and their Intuitions applied in sitting and movement, we will learn how to find presence in the root of the experience of the inner and outer world: Text on the button. Welcome to Merigar December 9, 30 Jul 8,