Kajukenbo (Japanese: カジュケンボ Kajukenbo) is a hybrid martial art from Hawaii . The name . Most kajukenbo curricula feature counter-attacks to punches, kicks , grabs, as well as using knives, sticks and guns to counter back. While this base . students and instructors who practice the Kajukenbo arts for a variety of .. yellow belt curriculum well enough to test within months of starting the program. Author Topic: Curriculum Driven School (Read times) In addition is AKKS , Kajukenbo, Lima Lama, Duarte Methode Kenpo Jujitsu.

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Yes, my password is: I think Joe touched on the “reality” of just about all black belt lineage. Views Read Edit View history.

Lets skip back to Hawaii, time zone 40s and 50s. I can not find the original Panther sets?

In Hawaii during the early s Adriano Emperadoalong with students Al Dacascos and Al Dela Cruz, incorporated innovations of the style Tum Pai and other martial arts into their Kajukenbo training. Charles Fisher has Sifu Leoning listed as the highest ranking Kajukenbo black belt on the mainland in th dan, check out his website.

Programs | McDuffy’s Kajukenbo Self-Defense Institute

Could we get back to the time line?? Lot more Islands then Hawaii and as much controversy x 50, I have found. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Or deal with the apparent flaw that I have observed.: I would venture to say many donned the belt prior to any ‘official’ promotion by their instructor when they began to publically propagate the art and received the ranking later on down the road when they proved themselves worthy.


That is how old he was when he came here.

The Original Curiculum of Kajukenbo/Karazenpo

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Emperado and his ucrriculum Joe introduced Kajukenbo to the public by opening the Palama Settlement School in The Kids martial art program introduces Kajukenbo to students years of age.

Was’nt that a little awkward? Retrieved February 19, — via Google Books. I also believe most back then, if not all, weren’t even tested for the rank.

Jun 13, Messages: Hi John, I will say this, then please, answer the age question. Hi, With all due respect, not wanting to stir but only to clairfy. This group consisted of black belts from various martial art styles and backgrounds who met and trained together.

Dec 3, In those early years in Hawaii and then in kenpo’s introduction to the mainland it was like this saying I picked up from KenpoJoe Rebelo, “The one eyed man is King in the land of the blind.


Is it possible to list the curriculum from back then? Emperado granted permission with the acknowledgment that the original Tum Pai followed a different path than the revised Tum Pai soft style.


Pictured is Poncy Ponce, and the actress Connie Stevens. Curriculums, as we know, were very limited with an emphasis on drilling the basics, self defense techniques which could be expanded upon by borrowing from the basics and just one form to start the whole thing, Naihanchi. The art slowly began to grow in popularity, and soon Emperado had 12 Kajukenbo schools in Hawaii, making it the second largest string of schools at the time.

Mar 21, Messages: The tutors then correct the assignments once completed.

I wonder if he ever stopped by, Man that would make for some cool stories. She continues to teach this to the Marin City community. The neutrality of this article is disputed.