manual. All other servicing should be referred to the Mackie Service. Department. M. S. S. 6 Mono Channels. 2 Mono/Stereo Channels. Get Mackie M PDF manuals and user guides, View all Mackie M manuals . Add to My Manuals Save this manual to your list of manuals. Get all the support information you want including manuals, spec sheets and other docs. We take pride in our award-winning owner’s manuals!.

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Mackie M Schematic Here you are. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

A few things you can do- 1 On the Mackie there are input levels for each channel. It says the Mackie M is a mono output.

Mackie m schematic / service manual

Contact Information Complete Mackie customer service contact information including steps to reach representatives, hours of operation, customer mackiee links and more from ContactHelp. Tape out RCA 2.

If the light comes on every now and then it’s OK, but not every few seconds. Mackie M Service Manual. My question is will the HP filter in the PRX still only allow everything above hz to be sent to the amp in the Mackie and therefore to the eons???

It is gong to need new pots for sure,, several. This will keep any white noise down too. Like a previous poster questioned, how efficient are your speakers? Have your name, shipping address no P. If the s isn’t mono and if the sub has only one high passed output, use a Y cable to input into both “Power Amp In” channels.


Mackie M | Owner’s Manual

I got it apart but, I had to take some time off, Im going to get back into it today and see if I can trouble shoot it better Sorry if I missed your point. Are you running monitors and mains?

I now I need to check the mains output at power amp in 1 an so on. This item is in your list! I am thinking I could come out of the ‘main out’ L and R at the front of the amp into the sub L and R. Kinda rode hard and put away wet Tom Roche on September 24, Try to stay somewhat flat with slight boosts and cuts on the main eq. Most of the time is too much! I’ll check out how it all sounds when I get there and if things don’t sound right, I’ll grab mine from the van and replace them for the eons.

I suspect that’s not what you wanna know.

I usually have the master volume about have way up, and the channels at around 3 o’clock. The sub has L and R so easy to connect. I will be there – it is his community block party. Originally posted by Starr man We are having some trouble getting clean head-room out of ou Mackie s You are correct, no Y cord needed from the sub. Help FAQs Go to top.

Mackie 808M Technical Specifications

Posted by countrygold16 5 years ago. Thanks for the help!


Make sure that each are set as high as possible without clipping. Apparently it worked great Plus the monitor level meter is spiked full, all the time but monitor side output seems fine September 26, All thats stuff is better non distructively done in Post. View thousands of Mackie M user reviews and customer ratings available at ReviewOwl.

ProSoundWeb Community

Luckily we have clip lights on ea, channel but we still don’t even flicker the clip lights. It came from Florida and its in need of a good cleaning. We rarely ever have a clip light come on. I expect the PRX to perform much better than a JRX as the specs are much better and I would be surprised if the eons outrun the sub in this instance – I majual hope not!. I suppose you ought to determine this first. If you want more headroom turn down both I’ve found they work best with the channels a little lower than 8088m and the master a little higher to make up the difference.

The problem they were having was that there was no thump at all and the tops were by far 8008m running the sub. Owner’s Manual Page Below is a copy of my response to him.

View the Media Kit.