At Rudra Centre, we perform Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja on your behalf as per Vedic rituals. The puja will include Pitra Aradhana, mantra jaap, tarpan, offering of.

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Pitra Dosha Nivaran

Anonymous August 2, at 6: You can do it on the remainig shraads. We can also donate charitable things to the poor or needy on Akshaya Tritiya, which falls on April 21, ,Tuesday, to please our Pitra which I have mentioned in my article Auspicious or inauspicious Yoga or Dosha period under the heading Akshaya Tritiya on this website.

Anonymous July 22, at 5: This comes in horoscope when Sun is placed with Rahu in 9 th and 5 th house.

Bishal Chhetry July 7, at 4: This is best thing for Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja. Anonymous November 21, at 2: It nigaran that your web browser does not support JavaScript, or you have temporarily disabled scripting. Kya is mantra ke baar jaap karne se hamesha mivaran liye mukti mil jati he Pitra Dosh se.

Namaste guruji, can pitru dosha nivarna mantra be chanted daily for the progress of the soul and help us relieve from earthly troubles like finances, peace at home disturbed relationships etc. Kya gaya mai shurad karne ke baad bi har saal shirad karna chahiye.

You can also donate to Brahmins, cows and poors. Anonymous July 17, at Lit a pure ghee lamp and pirra the “Sankalp” to appease all the known and unknown pitras.

Besides Shraadha one can also remove the Pitru Dosha with the help of mantra sadhna. Third, if cremation or Antim Sanskar of dead body of the person could not be performed due to any circumstance the soul of the departed person is to be said without salvation.


In fact sons and grandsons should perform the above rituals whether they suffer from pitrdosh or not.

His father, my grandfather was unfairly executed by the Communists when he was young. In Hindu mythology, it is dish that if anyone in the family do not offer water and food to their dead ancestors, ignore them in shradh-pooja or do not perform any custom for pacification of their soul, Pitra Dosh is formed.

Goddess Kali or ma Kalika is worshiped by the devotees, by fasting and doing Shodashi puja bhoga. We have given place to our 4 ancestor, of which one pitra is given as dattak to other family.

Baba Ji Specialist of Black Magic Tantrik Totke and Vashikaran Tantrik Totke

This condition makes a person miserable and his growth will be hindered by many factors. Parveen Kumar June 26, at 9: There are some pitra dosh effects mentioned below; Failure in education and delay in growth of career The marriage delay in the family Repeated miscarriage or problem in conceiving In the family there will be accidents or sudden deaths Prolonged illness to the family members Family disputes Poverty and financial crisis Addiction to drugs or alcohol Lots of debts Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja is used to heal the bad effects of Pitra Dosh.

Is your lady unable to conceive or facing frequent miscarriages?

Pitra Dosha Nivaran Puja October 20, at 6: Start from any auspicious time on the Shraadha. Every one who is reading this, if you have Pitru Stotrw as mentioned above or if you think that no nivarran how much you work hard but your efforts are going in vain then i strongly recommend you follow above mentioned mantra. Infact, in today’s world, people often forget that they are bound to their ancestors all the way to each cell in their body, to the DNA itself.

Anonymous September 2, at 3: I hope nivagan will help many people. Remembering them ztotra the above mantra is a tribute to them. I have heard that for Pitra Dosh Pooja one should go to Traymbekeshwar.


Parveen Kumar June 26, at 2: At such situation also they do not get salvation. Do you have progeny related problems? It mainly occurs when dead forefathers and ancestors did not get peace or proper salvation Moksh at the time of departing their souls. I obviously have Pitra Dosh from my Hindu chart already several malefics disturb Sun and ninth house – my data: The pitra dosh nivaran mantra can be chanted daily and is very effective.

Pitra Dosha September 23, at Among these name of Tantrik Guru Baba Ji is well known specialist of this puja, to make nivwran free from the malefic effects of pitra dosh. Miseries in life are often because of Pitru Dosh. There are some pitra dosh effects mentioned below.

Manas Siddhi Mantra: Mantra For Pitra Dosh Nivaran & Pitra Shanti

Anonymous September 13, at 9: There are lots of astrologers providing puja for nivarwn dosh nivaran. The Shraadha is performed during these days to appease the pitras and to get their blessings. Hi, we have a problem It appears that your web browser does not support JavaScript, or you have temporarily disabled scripting. Pradeep Chanchlani September 19, at 3: Anonymous December 27, at 3: I started practicing quite a few mantras from the mantrascience channel last September, and this one was one of my favorites.

In Hinduism it is said that, on the eve of Krishna Paksh, all the souls accept and eat the food made by their children, this occasion is known as Shraad.