7 Jun Some images on Free shopdog sawhorse plans. Ultimate Folding Sawhorse II ” Shopdog” – by Canexican @ LumberJocks. Ultimate Folding. 2 Feb I love that people are still designing sawhorses. For such a simple, basic item that’s been around for centuries, you’d think that by now we’d. 21 Mar Saw horse plans from ShopDog video by woodshopdude, see http://www. ?v=GkqhJh2wSgM #saw_horse #sawhorse.

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Community Rules These are not the easiest sawhorses to build. So I scoured the internet for ideas, and eventually decided on this design called the Shopdog. Follow comments with the RSS feed for this post. This can be challenging depending upon how complicated the piece is; the more tenons and mortises there that need to be lined up, the more swearing you’ll do First off, I like a lot of the ideas in the design, assuming you’d have the toolbox within arm’s reach You do have to cut a couple compound miters on these, but if you’re set up to do that there is no other saw horse you should be looking at.

When attachments are locked into place they stay there. Thanks for the post. I really enjoy the versatility of these and they are invaluable for saving shop space.

Chapter Free shopdog sawhorse plans

Respect For Others Mark the line by setting your sawhodse on the top of the leg and scribe a line starting at the corner. Sign In or Join Now! Once the legs are cut, they should look like this. These are the tools and materials I used to build the sawhorses.

Flip the leg over and repeat the process. Please tell me you have a sketchup drawing or some plans available.


The Shopdog: A High School Woodshop Teacher’s Simple, Flexible, Versatile DIY Sawhorse Design

shppdog Introducing Leatherman Tread and Other Tech-Free Forearm Functionality Even earlier this month at CES it was clear that the wearables frenzy had lost some of its vigor since last year presumedly as manufacturers try to make good on some of their overblown concept promises.

I am with the rest of the guys, I need me a set of these. I also incorperated a french cleat on the top cross support, this allows for the shopdog to mount on the wall with ease.

Despite an unintentionally hilarious product video, the Sawhosre as “The world’s most advanced toolbox”—has successfully, swiftly tripled its funding target on Indiegogo.

Both comments and trackbacks are closed. The first line will be straight down and perpendicular to the top edge. Thank you for the terrific contribution! If your kids or grandkids are bored while running around your shop, make them a horse attachment, they will love it.

I love the horse — saw horse attachment — that one is gold! Stapling carpet over the top is perfect for protecting woodworking projects.

Strong, Durable, Collapsible, and Versatile: How to Build a Better Sawhorse

By creating a Core77 account you confirm that you accept the Terms of Use. They can also be built with an integral French cleat to hang them on the wall if you have room for it. To firmly sandwich the cross member between the legs, use a locking strap or ratcheting strap to pull the legs tight. I’ve busted a good number of the plastic sawhorses from Home Depot.

How many sawhose and 5 planes does one man need? Straight to you every other week. I can see a pair of these in my future when I make my next set of sawhorses. It can all be done with hand tools, but it may take you a little longer. The cuts I list below assume the work piece is on the right-hand side of the miter saw, same-side up.


Keep me signed in Cancel. I found it easiest to drill through both legs at the same time.

They are folding, super stable, durable and cheap to build. For such a simple, basic item that’s been around for centuries, you’d think that by now we’d have settled on a perfect one and stuck with it. Easy and cheap to make, flexible in what it can hold, whether materials, clamps or tools, easy and quick to set up, and has to be able to fold flat to stow on the wall of his shop.

As I continue to expand my workshop, I quickly discovered the need for some good sawhorses. Preview this project card. This article was posted in projectsToolswood shop. But the fact that folks can continue to tweak, innovate and personalize a sawhorse design is a testament to our creativity as a species. I think you have just solved half the problems i have in my work shop these have just hit the top of the to do list Thanks — Happiness is a way of travelnot a destination Roy Goodman.

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It takes about an hour to make a pair once you understand all the machine set ups, which are not that difficult. Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Already have an account? This is a really nice shop addition. Contact Advertise Legal Comment Policy. Very, very cool idea.