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Not in this case.

The Nine Unknown|Talbot Mundy |Free download|PDF EPUB|Freeditorial

There will be a million men and women in Benares—more! So, falling to the rear, you face about at last and, while the wolves yelp; on a hot trail in the wrong direction, you walk quietly in the right one—yours—the opposite—away.

Mine is best, and now you must follow mine, my friend—”. Manoel the Goanese, for instance, with all European error multiplied within him by munddy, scorned that ragged bodyguard beneath the tree for servants of men of no intellect or influence; and even so, a passing constable, with native vision warped by too much European drill, but with all his other faculties and fondnesses alert, paused over the way to meditate how innocence might be made to pay tribute to worldly wisdom—paused, scratching his chin with the butt of a turned wooden truncheon and both eyes roving for a safe accomplice.

There was no sign of the library—merely a breviary, and one or two books liberally marked with penciled slips on a table against the wall.

The maid seized hold of Jeremy’s hand and began to examine his fingernails, which inform the practised eye infallibly; but Jeremy snatched his hand away and hurried to hold the lantern and look with the rest at what Ramsden had discovered.


It had occurred to Grim, as intuitions do come to a thoughtful man in a flash sometimes, that if the guard left in the street had gone so suddenly there was a chance that someone hoped to gain advantage by their absence. And all my keys are good for is to fit the locks that he guards like a miser! A trace of that would have made them fail a hundred times. What chance would you have to escape them?

I felt obliged to read this one. In their fight to keep the books secret they face nine Kali worshipers, who sow confusion and masquerade as the true sages.

Jeff, King and ladder weighed hardly less than five hundred pounds between them. Cyprian held the desk-lid raised, but lowered it suddenly, and at the noise da Gama started, stared a second, and then swore in Portuguese between his teeth.

They shouldn’t have laughed. They came at last to the world’s end, where a shadow blacker than a coal mine’s throat declared that life left off, and might have been believed except for moonlight that glistened beyond it along the ragged outline of a broken wall. Their descendants advertise the Portuguese of Goa without exactly cherishing the institutions of the land that gave them origin.

The Nine Unknown

But the others are above suspicion, as for instance King, Grim, Ramsden, the Reverend Father Cyprian, and Jeremy Ross, all of whom regard the truth from various points of view as economical. That is a simple statement.

Shapely, dignified old feet, well cased in patent-leather slippers, resting on a folded Afghan chudder to keep them off the tiled floor. We cannot afford mistakes. The men in front were yelling to the men behind for light and longer weapons, and three or four came running with a pole like a phalanx-spear, while shouts from below announced that some had fallen off the roof. None in the room hte Portuguese, unless possibly the priest. The other sons remained squatting in the dust in the patterned shadow of a great tree opposite.


She also varied their numbers from time to time. Your obedient servant, sahibs! They may do violence to us; we must admit that possibility. Now he saw fit to betray that really it was he who was in charge of the proceedings.

He was afraid of it, in the same way that some politicians are afraid of newspapers, and it may be that he hoped to murder the babu as the simplest road to silence. The next-door building was a warehouse for hides, hair, tallow, gum, turmeric and vicious politics, through the midst of which they had munddy to a back stairs by arrangement.

The Nine Unknown by Talbot Mundy (Hardcover) – Lulu

Now he could surrender to advantage! That circumstance prevented him from seeing the arrival of Grim, Ramsden, Jeremy, King and all the others, who approached Cyprian’s from the opposite direction. But my whole hotel and my fortune are up in flame—oh pity me! It sounded like something breaking.