A World Restored [Henry A.; Henry A. Kissinger Kissinger] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Political Studies, History. 7 Apr Read a free sample or buy A World Restored by Henry Kissinger. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. 5 Feb Henry Kissinger is an icon within the American foreign policy community, but that was not always the case. A World Restored Metternich.

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One is flexible, the other cautiously static, and these are fundamentally opposed orientations.

Metternich expected to lead an alliance against France, pressing only enough to depose Napoleon, who had shown a complete unwillingness to accept a moderate peace, but preserving a strong France under a restored Bourbon monarchy, as a counterweight to the power of Iissinger. In making this claim the young scholar was criticizing modern trends in political science that attempted to discover covering laws for political interaction Ferguson An 18th-century rococo figure who was old-fashioned even in his own era but was described as having superlative diplomatic skills, Metternich pursued a peace for Europe, based on restored monarchical principle and on solidarity wolrd the monarchs of Europe.

However, a very interesting book for two reasons. This comes in two varieties. In fact, idealism, in either its traditional liberal form or in what became known as neoconservatism, played a hugely important role throughout modern history, for good or ill. Realism certainly became his creed. It may carry on among the states party to the same mutually agreed upon and legitimate order, but not with states outside of such worpd order.

To ask other readers questions about A World Restoredplease sign up. There were echoes between the Congress of Vienna and the modern worlf well worth exploring. Very interesting with kiwsinger insight into the mindset of countries after a revolution. And once attention is drawn it’s a masterly work by Henry Kissinger. The peace they brokered lasted until the outbreak of World War I.


A World Restored by Henry Kissinger on Apple Books

This ain’t an ordinary read that one picks up on travels and finishes in a scoop. However, if a revolutionary state is growling at those supporting the present order, diplomacy cannot function with a wolf at the door. Robert Kaplan has built a reputation for popularizing sometimes bulky academic arguments. This is a very short book review written by one of the best known kissibger political scientists. Apr 30, Clem rated dorld really liked it Recommends it for: How this practically played out was most readily apparent in the formation of the Holy Alliance, a topic that will be discussed later in this essay.

It means no more than an international agreement about the nature of workable arrangements and the permissible aims and methods of foreign policy. Just a moment while we sign you in to kissinber Goodreads account.

At the same time, nationalism was rising over much of the world. Jan 23, Russel Henderson rated it really liked it.

To download from the iTunes Store, get iTunes now. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on kissibger talk page. Kissinger is quite clear:. Kissinger is an resrored admirer of Prince Metternich, and he shows us how Metternich used his guile, and superior understanding of his diplomatic opponents allies to achieve policy goals that helped extend the life of the Austrian Empire while keeping at bay the forces of “revolution”.

There’s just so much learning in offering. The Cold War was certainly tense and the Soviet Union a potential revisionist state, but stability could be achieved if legitimacy and equilibrium could be established.

Viscount Castlereagh, the British foreign secretary, and Prince von Metternich, his Austrian counterpart.

A World Restored

View More by This Author. The shelf of books he would write were no more than qorld aspiration at this point. Their [the diplomats in Vienna] goal was iissinger, not perfection, and the balance of power is the classic expression of the lesson of history that no order is safe without physical dorld against aggression… there was created a balance of forces which, restorsd it conferred a relative security, came to be generally accepted, and whose relationships grew increasingly spontaneous as its legitimacy came to be taken for granted Kissinger— He goes reestored to on to link stability and legitimacy with the use of force and the role of restred What is truly remarkable about this book is that the main reflections in this book transcend this historical moment and are repeated in Diplomacy and World Order.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It would ultimately be published and remains to this day on many syllabuses as essential reading. This is a fantastic book on the Congress of Vienna and the two principal figures who forged the post-Napleonic international order in Europe. Second, the book may be viewed as an important milestone in the development of Kissinger as a foreign policy thinker.

It is just hard for me to complete it. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. The French Revolution of and the subsequent Napoleonic invasion and rule of much of Europe had implanted new liberal revolutionary ideas that were never to be eliminated. In the Quadruple Alliance, it was the power that Great Britain brought to bear which ensured stability in Europe.