Lost Victories has ratings and 47 reviews. Steven said: If Rommel was Germany’s greatest fighting general from WWII, von Manstein was her greatest. That is what Field Marshal von Manstein suggests in his title, Lost Victories. By the summer of , after defeating France, Hitler’s Germany was master of. Manstein suffered a stroke and died in Munich on the night of 9 June Describing Mission Command, Lost Victories, The Winter Campaign In South.

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Manstein’s book is interesting on many levels.

For a bit more information, check out his Wikipedia page. I got a little bored. Lists with This Book. I haven’t read this yet, but who’s Hilter? Along the same lines he never really provides an overview of the war in general that as commander that he really only had detailed knowledge of mansgein in his sphere.

A few months before the invasion of Russia, he was given command of LVI Panzer Korps in the north, part of the drive to quickly seize Leningrad. The growth of partisans behind the German is similarly whitewashed. Manstein writes about this in a page chapter.

Lost Victories by Field Marshal Erich von Manstein

Accounts of the trial, the case against Manstein, and his defense are readily available online. I had heard of the German tank commander mantsein reading other historical accounts of things during WWII. Manstein provides his perspectives of the major wars in WWII, from the early German successes to their turning point in Russia. Robin Lee You mean “Hitler”, right? Manstein makes little to zero note on viftories This book was an interesting perspective from one of the best German Generals.

The required armies to break the encirclement never reached on time. But as a military look at w This memoir and Panzer Battles are highly informative, well written and highly biased accounts of the grim Eastern Front campaigns.


Lost Victories: The War Memoirs of Hitler’s Most Brilliant General by Erich von Manstein

Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Meditations on Violence by Rory Miller Book review: I’ll give it a 4 because of ALL the info that probably Well written. It ought to be like that. Instead from nebulous comments here and there one has the impression that Von Manstein found those actions distasteful somewhat like an aristocrat reacting to an unpleasant odor in a distracted manner but ultimately unworthy mansstein his notice.

This book is usefully victpries in conjunction with the work by Heinz Guderian, “Panzer Leader.

Erich von Manstein

All of them applicable to self-defense or full contact fighting sports. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

It is always a very rewarding experience for any history manstwin to get a glimpse at the event through first hand account.

Mar 11, Zhang Tao rated it liked it. This book takes the reader from Poland to the offenses in the west to Barbarossa and the failed attempts to free Sixth Army and ultimatly there fate to the retreats of 43and44 until his sacking in Get notified of new books and videos!

Erich von Manstein – Wikiquote

With disdain he describes the Fuhrer who he and millions serve as a clever yet amateurish military bungler who if he followed von Manstein suggestions may have fought the Russians down to a standstill. Victoriees avoided political issues, treating the war as an operational matter. Shop Boxing Gloves Now. Want to Read saving….

Lkst was a really great book and I can’t believe I haven’t read this up until now. Fascinating insight from a man who was there when it happened, that said a lot of Manstein’s words involve plenty of blame shifting for Germany’s fortunes during the war – mistakes made by the OKW such as the infamous Halt Order at Dunkirk were often wrongly attributed to Hitler it was in fact Army Group A commander Victorues von Rundstedt who pushed vvictories the halt, with Hitler merely validating the order many hours later.


He was sentenced to 18 years in prison, which was later reduced to Christensen and Mark Mireless Book review: By that I mean I knew a whole lot more facts and figures and dates than most of my friends.

June 8, at 2: A tremendous book, especially for its insights into dealing personally with Hitler not easy! As a student of second world war for last 15 years, I felt this autobiography gives a detail account of how a dictatorial whim of an mansteon political leadership plagued by greed and lust victorids power led to serious strategic blunders that ultimately cost Wehrmacht the war. Field Marshal Erich von Manstein described his book as a personal narrative of a soldier, discussing only those matters that had direct beari Originally published in Germany inand in England and the United States inthis classic memoir of WWII by a man who was an acknowledged military genius and probably Germany’s top WWII general, is now made available again.

Overall, if one overlooks the occasional repetitiveness, and somewhat clunky writing, this is a must read for whoever interested victroies the WWII history. Hats off to the master tactician who always fought against overwhelming numerical odds and pulled off mansyein impossibles – especially Third battle of Kharkov and Battle of Crimea. Quotes from Lost Victories: As a result of the foolish attempt to take the major city of Stalingrad and drive into the Caucasus to take the oil fields there, the Germans in the south were badly overextended, and forced to rely on the sub-standard armies of their allies the Italians, Rumanians, vixtories Hungarians.