Read Mrutyunjay (Marathi) book reviews & author details and more at Shri Shivaji Sawant has described Karna’s every aspect of life in an. Mrutyunjay [Shivaji Sawant] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. मृत्युंजय- ही कादंबरी कर्ण- ह्या महाभारतातील थोर. (Mrutyunjay) (Gujarati Edition) [(Shivaji Sawant)] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. આ પુસ્તકમાં લેખકે ‘મુત્યુંજ્ય’ વિશે.

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These are the questions that arise in every ones mind.

Karna is part of the system which has accepted the caste system for whatever it is. This is a masterpiece of the Mahabharata. Each moment, each feeling, each thought of Surya-putra Karna is so amazingly described in this book. Retrieved 19 December This book took the challenge up gracefully and successfully managed to extract the exact extreme emotions out of me despite me knowing in advance where the story would turn.

Amazon is always great in quality and delivery bj the product. This in a way exemplifies Karna’s relationship with most people.

Human, with all the flaws and strengths, and no one is more so than the protagonist of Mrityunjaya, Karna. Mrityunjaya only deepens it. In the humid summer of the Gangetic plains Kanpur the library the only oasis of certitude. Mrutyunjjay is a book about Mahabharata from the Karna’s perspective, the sixth son of Kunti.


Sep 03, Sarvesh rated it really liked it. But the book is totally worth it.

This book focus on Karna and his role in Mahabharata. Although it has been translated in many languages, something is always lost in translation so I would recommend people to read it in the original Marathi language.

Mrutyunjay 1st Edition

On 18 SeptemberMrutyunuay died at the age of 62 of cardiac arrest in Goa. This page was last edited on 12 Octoberat If you think so, you are chained by the belief. I could feel myself crying silently at the loss of Karna’s Kavach and Kundals.

Maybe he craved that he were born elsewhere, or to put it clearly he may have desired that his parents had been the same but of a higher standing in society. The highs and lows of Karna’s life and also that of others are all too vivid. He’s a not a shining knight as this book shows us the grayness of his actions. The books strongest point is the way it has rooted Karna into his adoptive family.


Sawant was married to Mrinalini. The last few pages describing Karna’s death and funeral are possibly the most eawant in the book. THe book mrutyunhay that Duryodhana knew about Karna even before he made his momentous entry in the sports arena. Karna poses questions about Krishna which remain unanswered: Most of the people got acquainted with the mahabharata through the popular sitcom.


Like the shrieking of a flock of parrots fluttering out of their tree-holes these words emerged scattering in a flurry of green feathers As a kid, I had heard a lot about Mrityunjaya, and seen the book at home, but the fact that it was written in Marathi dissuaded me from touching it.

Buy Mrutyunjay 1st Edition online – Crossword

The English version of the book, although a little hazy with saawnt, nonetheless forms a great read. Karna does not even try to be self-righteous. View all 20 comments. It throws some really staggering philosophical questions like the meaning of living, the significance of Dharma and Karma, the inevitability of business and politics, the purpose of a human being.

Saint Durvasavu advices ‘devahuthi mantra’ to Kunthi. This book has epitomized this principle and has given a rather stark and beautiful picture of the life of one of the greatest human beings shivji ever lived.

Shivaji Sawant

The Mahabharat is my favorite epic. Lists with This Book. I realized to do this heinous crime would be a sure undoing of the philosophy of this book, the purpose of it would have been defeated.