Sinhala Character Version of BJT Dhammapadapāḷī in Word Document Format ( KB). Editor’s Preface. Pāḷi 1 is substantially a transliteration of the Sinhala. Dhammapada is one of the greatest literary products of Buddhist literature and philosophy. It is considered by many as Buddha’s own teaching and hence. Dhammapada, Pali-Sinhala-Tamil-English version / Editorial and Translation Board, Amara Hewamadduma, editor-in-chief. Standardized Title: Tipiṭaka.

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Force will certainly be met with force.

Dhammapada, Pali-Sinhala-Tamil-English version

Readers will note the simplicity of the similes employed by the Buddha, which are intelligible even to a child. Don’t have an sinnala Good luck to you all who have assembled here! But his mother dissuaded him from doing so.

Let go the past.

Buddhism appeals both to the masses sinhaala to the intelligentsia. The other terms are similarly explained. Thomas, followed by a reprint in The King ordered all his wealth to be removed to the Royal Treasury and went to see the Buddha.

This is available in Sinhala and Chinese versions as well.

The monks thought that the Arahant had done so in anger. It presents one way of life to the members of the Holy Order and another to the laity. Three months after the Passing Away of the Buddha, the Arahants, who assembled at the First Convocation to rehearse the Teachings of the Buddha, collected some of the poetic utterances of the Buddha, which He expounded on different occasions, arranged and classified the treatise in its present form, naming it the Dhammapada.


There is no concentration in one who lacks wisdom, nor is there wisdom in him who lacks concentration.

Wijayatilaka, ex-Principal of Ananda College, Colombo, for carefully revising my manuscript and offering many valued suggestions. A monk, seated in a specially constructed pavilion was preaching the Dhamma one night to his mother and many others.

Instead of retaliating, he pardoned him and also simhala food in his house. There is acquisition of demerit as well as evil destiny.

He made a suggestion to another monk.

by Ven Nàrada

Guard your mind well. My first translation of the Dhammapada appeared inwith a Foreword by Dr. Finally the father took him to the Buddha who advised the youth on the evils of adultery. The third chapter is singala special significance as it enables one to understand the Buddhist conception of the mind and the importance of mind control.

Dhammapada Home Page

The King imposes a heavy punishment. Later she was convinced of their greatness, for although they were not served first they were not angry.

In reply to four questions raised by Sakka King of the gods, the Buddha uttered this verse. I am grateful to Mr. He then related the cause of his discontent. The Buddha contrived a means to create in her disgust for external beauty.

In beings there arise pleasures that rush towards sense-objects and such beings are steeped in craving.

They inquired of the Buddha whether there were other bonds stronger than what they had seen. As he was constantly thinking of his bride-elect without being intent on the Holy life, the Buddha, instead of adopting the usual direct method of instruction devised an effective practical way to divert his attention to a seemingly more desirable similar object and succeeded in making him an Arahant. The flavour of Truth excels all other flavours. The Dhammapadda explained that he had not taken it with thievish intent and returned it.


Pleasant is ministering to ascetics. Bent on happiness, they seek happiness.

Dhammapada, Pali-Sinhala-Tamil-English version (Book, ) []

The Buddha explained that Arahants have no passions and that the Arahant concerned had been actuated by reverence for the Dhamma. When they are viewed according to past, present, and future they become one hundred and eight. The Sinbala Ananda perceived a king in all his glory, a meditative monk seated in the hall, and the setting sun and the rising moon.

Vengeance will be met with vengeance. Pleasant is the attainment of wisdom. We will do our best to add it to our collection. The prose order of each stanza is provided, with the meaning of each word explained.

The Buddha, perceiving them, projected an image of Himself before them and uttered this verse. The Dhamma is to be studied with the object of practising it.

Better it is to live alone. That bond is strong, say the wise. This encompasses both spiritual and worldly situations. The Buddha explained that Arahants are not so susceptible. Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you.