A system of performing high-speed multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, and finding square roots in one’s head. Trachtenberg Speed Math (TSM) is a software program based on Professor Jakow Trachtenberg’s system of simple methods to perform high speed mathematics. The extract below is the Foreword from the book, ‘Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics’-translated and adapted by Anne Cutler and Rudolph.

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The original book has seven full Chapters and is exactly pages long. But perhaps the greatest boon of this new and revolutionary system is that it awakens new interest in mathematics, ,athematics confidence to the student, and offers a challenge that spurs him on to mastering the subject that is today rated as ‘most hated’ in our schools.

No, it just isn’t. But take my advice: There, he taught his speed math system to young children. As you solve for each digit you will move each of the mathrmatics over the multiplicand one digit to the left until all of the arrows point to prefixed zeros. Though he headed the Obuschoff shipyards, Trachtenberg was a dedicated mathemattics.

So how is the method faster? It is quite simply brilliant.

Read reviews that mention mental math years ago trachtenberg speed basic mathematics trachtenberg speed system speed system high school great book numbers together system of basic copy of this book math system book ever trachtenberg method read this book learn multiplication rules digits methods. The rest of this article presents some methods devised by Trachtenberg. The fourth digit of the answer is 6 and carry 2 to the next digit. Because Trachtenberg did not have much paper to write on in prison, he invented methods based on mental calculations.

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Its methods could greatly speed up the child but, until a person is trachttenberg enough to understand what is going on behind the scenes and WHY these things work, learning to do math this way provides a weak foundation for learning higher concepts.

The “two-finger” method taught in ch.

The Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics

In one demonstration, a ten year old child, when asked to multiply timessimply wrote on the blackboard the answer,in seventy seconds. For the procedure to be effective, the different operations used in each stage must be kept distinct, otherwise there is a risk of interference. Once one has mastered the rules, lightning calculation is as easy as reading a story.

Systen made the exhibition of mathematical wizardry more amazing was that these were children who had repeatedly failed in arithmetic until, in desperation, lf parents sent them to learn this method.

Equally important were the by-products the pupils mathematic while learning this new system. Track your best time automatically Track your performance with TSM’s customizable scoring system Everything the book teaches you and more!

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The slightest variance from the rules resulted in outrageous forms of punishment. Pages with related products.

The method is based on a series of keys that must be memorized. Yet, it is still crystal clear in my head as if it was yesterday.

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The feeling mathemarics accomplishment soon made them lose their disagreeable traits. The Product Pairs are found between the digits sleed the answer so far and the divisor.

The American film Gifted revolves around a child prodigy who at the age of 7 impresses her teacher by doing calculations systwm her head using the Trachtenberg system. The ‘halve’ operation has a particular meaning to the Trachtenberg system. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

His reputation grew as he wrote a number of critical works on Russia and compiled the first reference book on Russian industry. Trachtenberg died in To find the next to last digit, we need everything that influences this digit: By performing the above algorithm with this pairwise multiplication, even fewer temporary results need to be held.

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Trachtenberg Speed Math: Learn mental math and master mathematics with this maths software

Explore the Home Gift Guide. So, YES, this book can make you faster at arithmetic. Math fraction made visual and easy. This makes up for dropping 0.

By performing the above algorithm with this pairwise multiplication, even fewer trafhtenberg results need to be held. But it is not only in specialized professions that knowledge of arithmetic is necessary.