About. Turkish Neurosurgery is the official journal of Turkish Neurosurgical . Address: Turkish Neurosurgical Society Taşkent Caddesi 13/4 Search · Subscription for Hardcopy. Most Popular. Download Articles Read.

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Manuscripts are investigated for possible plagiarism once they are accepted for possible publication. Word count must not exceed excluding references, tables, and figure legends.

Turkish neurosurgery

Submit the manuscript electronically via: Structured abstract with key words words 5. The best font to use is Helvetica. The spesifications for video files are given at part 6. Persistent Primitive Trigeminal Ar. The copyright issues neurozurgery similar to the other parts of the Turkish Neurosurgery Journal that was aforementioned. Refer to drugs and therapeutic agents by their accepted generic or chemical names, and do not abbreviate them.

Entire book Atlas SW: Sample references are given below: For Clinical Trials, Experimental and Anatomic Studies as ofg as similar study designs, please attach the Ethical Committee Approval Form to the manuscript submission.

Create tables in word format using the table creating and editing feature of your word processing software. Letters should refer to the title and authors of a recent Turkish Neurosurgery article.


Türk Nöroşirürji Derneği | Turkish Neurosurgical Society

Supply tables together in a separate file. If fonts are used in the artwork, they must be converted to paths or outlines or they must be embedded in the files. E-mail address of all neuurosurgery should be provided during the submission process. The authors are responsible for the accuracy of the references.

List figure legends on a separate page at the end of the manuscript text. Tables should not exceed page width of 41 picas or Unpublished data should not be used Letters to the Editor are sent to the article authors for response. Epi Info [computer program].

These can also be submitted through Neufosurgery Manager. Do not cite references in the abstract, and limit the use of abbreviations and acronyms.

Use the metric system to express the units of measure and degrees Celsius to express temperatures, and. Turkish Neurosurgery is the official journal of Turkish Neurosurgical Society. Use the metric system to express the units of measure and degrees Celsius to express temperatures, and SI units rather than conventional units.


List three to five Key Words after the abstract. Accessed June 26, 5 Tables and Figures: They should be self-explanatory and should supplement, rather than duplicate, the material in the text.

Accessed June 26, The Journal acts as a focus for publication of major clinical and laboratory research, as well as publishing solicited manuscripts on specific subjects from experts, case reports and other information of interest to clinicians working in the clinical neurosciences. References double-spaced and cited in alphabetical order Turkish Neurosurgery reference style is avaliable for ” EndNote ” and ” Zotero “. Example of thesis Kanpolat Y: Capitalize the trade names of drugs and place them in parentheses after the generic names.

The letter should be no longer than words with no more than 3 references.

Corresponding authors will receive electronic page proofs to check the copyedited and typeset article before publication.