21 Oct The handbook is a subjective assessment of the Vampire Counts army, meant to help newcomers to the game. Our ratings are based on years. A fan made vampire counts army book for 8th edition warhammer fantacy battles. this is a “living document”. if you have any ideas please comment and send. Warhammer Armies – Vampire Counts (8th edition).pdf – Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Of course not, that’s absurd. At any rate it’ll prevent your opponent from factoring it into the Movement Phase when trying to get an edge over you. Unfortunately, he only has countts armour, Toughness 4 and 2 Wounds and half the time he is subject to Stupidity. I wanted to ensure his safety since the entire list revolves around his ability to consistently throw out augments and proc the corpse cart.

Vampre can move out of units and position as a redirector. Healing up on our Lore Attribute is easy and immediately repairs the scream right before using it.

If a Strigoi Ghoul King is your general, take this banner in his unit to give him Leadership 10, and thus boosting nearby units and Spirit Leech spells. Try a lvl 1 vampire hero with red fury for one, backed up by two others. Good army report, and glad to have helped. Pretty much the same statline as a Vampire, with the S and T swapped around and an extra Wound being the notable changes.

Warhammer Armies: Vampire Counts (8th Edition) – Warhammer – Age of Sigmar – Lexicanum

By staying close to the mortis engine he was churning out masses of spells per turn keeping the vigour mortis and rerolls active while driving my usually slow army forward a lot faster.

Pistoliers and dark riders are still better, but marauders are among the better light missile horse. Potion of Toughness Also 20 points, one use, used at the start of either player’s turn. Fear Incarnate is really only useful in fear-bombing armies.

They can no longer cast spells, their magic items stop working, and all stats other than Wounds become 1. Grave Guard are too much of a crutch, 9th Age tunes them down a tad, and very slightly buffs skeleton warriors to slightly blur the distinction between elite fighters and soak units.


Shrieking spirits of the damned whirling about the battlefield consuming the warm flesh of living and adding their poor souls to their ranks. Make sure to watch out for Lords, Heroes, and things with a save against flaming attacks.

The grave guard were fantastic in every game, they chewed through every unit they came up against without breaking a sweat, the always strike last was somewhat irritating when coupled with their low initiative as they weren’t able to gain any real benefit from vigour mortis, but strength 6 wounding usually on 2s while supported by vanhels was devestating.

A very good choice if you are taking a great weapon or a paired weapon Armour of Fortune: The Fate Of Bjuna: This means Skeletons are ideal for delivering our Vampires into combat, as their champion can accept or issue challenges to keep our Vampires safe letting them cause mayhem in the enemy ranks.

Yes, I’m a huge fan of Ward saves. As a result, this is a good Lore for killing heavily armored stuff in addition to being fantastic against armies like Warriors of Chaos, but on low armour armies it’s not nearly as good.

Anyone can benefit from a Corpse Cart ASF, Mortis Engines still pick away enemy troops, keep a Black Coach intact long 8tb and it will pick up enough abilities to tear into your enemy regardless on whether you took a magic-heavy or light list. What makes Heinrich distinct is his Cloak of Mist and Shadows, allowing him to either Fly or become Ethereal until the start of his next turn. The one time you do 6 hits and thrash vampirw unit of Chaos knights it’ll be awesome but otherwise meh.

For best results, use Zombies to tarpit enemy units within range of the counter and hold them in place until the comet hits. But you only Crumble when the General dies The load stone is a solid choice as it makes your summoning more consistent. Most players won’t let you get off both of course, but even Zombies can chew up some Special options if you can get Vanhel’s and Hellish Vigour on them.

Their only downside is they are competing for those ever popular Special points. Then you should take as editioj casting items and Powers as you can cram in and drink your opponent’s tears and blood edtiion they kill your Coubts, only to find that those who crumbled stand back up again as your exactly four bajillion other Wizards wave their hands and yell “I never liked him anyway”.


With a lvl4 wizard in support, the attacking unit will have to kill an average of 7 more skeletons per turn, and the bones will reduce the enemy’s numbers in a meaningful way. However eidtion you cant afford a ld10 general so be it, extra crumble is not that big a deal.

Corpse carts are excellent force multipliers and you can inflict absolutely sick amounts of Wounds in close combat with a good Dance Macabre and Always Strikes First on a horde of Crypt Ghouls with adjacent Cart.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Vampire Counts

This lore has a mix of very powerful and weaker spells. I always run mine in a unit of Black Knights. Barring the Mortis Engine, the Rare section is essentially a list of the strap-on varieties you can peg your opponent with.

Some army builds make use of large units of dire wolves as tarpits. If used properly, Vargheists tear 8tb an enemy unit and easily overrun into the next one. Aura of Dark Majesty is valuable. Both are pricey and lack protection against cannons. If you want more protection, you can back him up with two mortis engines or an Obsidian Lodestone on a character in the same unitthough this is probably not necessary. I went over this in the magic section but I’ll say it again.

A unit of vapire can be deployed 2×2 and get the majority of its attacks into an enemy’s flank while minimizing attacks back. Glad you enjoyed it. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

Same as above, still good on a blender lord. Character Mounts Skeletal Steed: Not a ediyion choice for a survival Vounts. Yes, they’re twice as expensive as skeletons and can’t be raised over unit cap by Invocation.

Averages 3 wounds to a T3 model. On casting, roll D6 for every model in the target Unit. A spell that makes armies tremble at its mere mention and with good reason too! Plus with Ld7, their Frenzy could get them into a bind if they get lead around by your opponent.